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Upload of driver cards with Firefox Browser
Firefox version 46 can cause problems here. Until fixed by the Firefox manufacturer Mozilla we suggest to switch to Internet Explorer Browser.
Remote Download and other functionality is not affected.

New Release with extended features in the Working Time Reports (01.12.2015)

(1)    Parameter for Working Time driver and infringement reports
In order to allow customized reporting due to individual requirements for the working time infringement reports, various parameters have been defined to configure the reports. The values can be defined by customer and fleet/deport, whereby parameters for the fleet(s) will have the priority.
(2)    Working Time „Driver Reports“:

The existing reports have been redesigned to allow for the individual working time parameters by customer or fleet/depot. The overall design also has been improved, with the result, that more information is shown. One example is “Duty start” and “Duty end”.

(3)    Working Time  „Infringements“
The Infringement report has also been adopted to allow for using the individual working time parameters. Within the reports all missing driver times are marked with an „?“. These entries should have been entered by the driver as a post entry in the digital tachograph. The reports considers these missing entries as resting time. In addition the information on “Duty start” and “Duty end” is provided, also the night working rules are taken into account.

(4)    Live – Display of speeding infringements
Within the Live screen the speeding events, as identified by the digital tachograph, were shown as infringements („red icon“). With this release they are displayed as warning („Yellow icon“). 

(5)    RDL – Display of RDL Status in  Live and Status Reports

The RDL status is displayed in the Live screen as well as in the driver and vehicle status overview with a specific icon. The explanation of these icons can be found at the bottom of the driver ad vehicle status overview.

New release with Working Time Directive reporting and additional features for Remote Download (01.09.2015)

(1) Extension of the reporting structure
the new report group „Working Hours“ was added with the subgroups „Driver reports“ and „Infringements“

(2) Working hours „Driver report“
over a period of 26 weeks the driving and working hours are summarized in the following groupings: Totals over 26 weeks, totals by week, totals by day, details per day, as well as the cumulated working hours (driving hours + working hours) for the relevant day. In addition to the online display, the data can also be exported in pdf, .csv or Excel format.

(3) Working hours report „Infringements“
over a period of 26 weeks the driving and working hours are summarized in the same way as in the driver working time report. In addition all working hours relevant violations are identified and reported. Dependent on the severity of the infringement the violations will be classified and reported. All data can be exported in pdf, .csv and Excel format. This infringement report can be used as base for the review of the violations between the fleetmanager and the driver.

(4) Validation of the company card
the new feature to allow the validation of the company card ensures, that the remote download can only be executed with the correct company card.

(5) RDL Server
the new RDL Server allows the unattended remote download of driver and vehicle data.

(6) Card reader rack for up to 20 company cards
a new hardware allows the use of up to 20 company cards at the same time for the remote download, and as a result a much shorter period for the download process of driver and vehicle data.

(7) RDL Start – date
it is possible to enter a “start date” for the remote download of vehicle data, from which the data should be downloaded from the tachograph.

(8) No driver card registration before RDL
it is not necessary anymore, that a driver must be registered in the system, before a remote download can be started for his driver card

(9) RDL activities in Live view
the Live view now shows the status of the remote download activities

(10) Unregistered driver in Live view
even if a driver is not registered in the system, his driving activities will be shown in the Live view with the remark "new" and his driver card number.

(11) Live API
Live data can be provided now via a new API interface. This concerns driver budgets weekly/daily as well as for the current status (working, driving, resting, availability) and the GPS position info.


Google Chrome and Java

Google has deactivated the support of NPAPI and also disabled Java in in the Chrome browser version 42. Up to now it is possible to reactivate it  with this configuration step. We suggest changing to an alternative like Firefox, Internet Explorer or Safari as a long term solution.

New Release with major enhancements (13.04.2015)

(1) Reporting 
All reports are now shown in a separate menu „Reports“.

(2) Reporting
The vehicle related reports have been revised and enhanced. For each vehicle the following information is shown now: Grand total, monthly summary, daily summary and all daily details. Additional export features are also available.

(3) Reporting
Additional reports are available now:

  1. Out-of-Scope Report, 
  2. Train/Ferry Report. 

(4) Reporting
The driver related reports have been revised and enhanced. If no driver is selected, all drivers will be selected. The following data is shown now: Grand totals, weekly totals, daily totals, daily details. Begin and end of the daily activities is shown as well as bi-weekly driving- and working time. Additional export features are also available.

(5) Reporting
The social (infringement) now shows the reference to the legal European legislation.

(6) Remote Download
With immediate effect the following extended options for the remote download are available: 

  1. all vehicles and drivers,
  2. all drivers only,
  3. all vehicles only,
  4. only a special vehicle,
  5. only a special driver.

(7) Remote Download
A new feature allows to use more than 1 company card for the remote download in 1 session. The result is a significant reduction for the duration of the Remote Download activity.

(8) LIVE
A notification will be provided, if there has been no communication with the vehicle for the last 30 minutes. In this case, the relevant line in the overview will be marked in yellow.

(9) Help text
The help text has been completely revised, and now includes screenshots of all new features. The FAQs have been separated from the help text, and can be accessed via a separate link at the bottom of the screen.


New features in TACHOfresh (27.11.2014)

(1) New structure for help documents
All help documents have been updated and put into a new structure. This allows an easier access to the requested texts. In addition the complete help text, or parts of it, can be printed out.

(2) Parameter transfer when vehicle changes to another fleet
When a vehicle is allocated to a different fleet, from now on all parameters are automatically transferred as well. This allows to immediately see the vehicle in the LIVE module, as well as start the Remote Download, without a prior manual transfer of certain parameters in the vehicle master file.

(3) Improvements for Remote Download
The standard texts in the emails for forwarding Remote Download files have been adjusted/corrected. The reliability of the communication during the Remote Download was improved. The error handling, as well as the handling of time-out situations during communication failures were enhanced.

(4) Filename adjustments
For the French version, the filenames for .v1b and .c1b files were adjusted.